Your Country Prayer Matters

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: October 24, 2013
Praying Please pray for ongoing wisdom for our Village Missions Employee Benefit Board as they meet with our health consultants regarding the options and premiums for the health insurance we provide Village Missionaries.  With some adjustments to our coverage, it appears that we might not have a premium increase or a small one. We are still in the negotiation stage, so please pray!   On October 31 Bill Powell, Henry Vandermeer and Roy Adrian will be meeting with Executive Director Brian Wechsler, in Edmonton, Alberta, to discuss issues relating to Village Missions Canada. On the following two days, (November 1-2) the Canadian board will hold its fall board meeting in Edmonton as well. Pray for travel safety and for wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit as we meet together.  We praise God for the wonderful fellowship we enjoy as board members.   Judie and Mike Jones will be visiting our Navajo church at Defiance, NM. Pray that our time there will be an encouragement to both the church and our missionaries, Jimmy and Nevey Francisco. The Franciscos have gone through a lot of heartache these past months with the death of Jimmy’s dad and other issues.   Pray for our Navajo consultants, Nelson and Geree Betoney. They have been under a lot of financial pressure the last couple of years since Geree lost her job at the school due to financial cutbacks. Pray that Nelson will be able to make some contacts on the reservation to introduce us to churches. He has been visiting the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, AZ, seeking to recruit Navajo pastors. Pray that effort will result in some good contacts.
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