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Date: March 22, 2019
By Makenzie McNeill, Staff Writer/Stewardship Assistant

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Surprised…And Shocked

Surprised: an understatement when I discovered the email from Village Missions the following morning.

It took a few seconds for my mind to register that the email came from Tim Griffiths, the Village Missions guy! My heart racing with excitement and uncertainty, I clicked on the new message and began to read with eagerness.

Mr. Griffiths’ email explained that he had successfully received my resume yesterday evening. He asked if I could submit a short writing sample. He also sent a bunch of extra resources and links to their website for additional information about the work of Village Missions.

My jaw dropped. No way! I literally just sent my resume off last night…less than 12 hours ago! This is lightening fast.

Still a little shocked, I immediately found Duncan (he was sleeping, so of course I had to wake him up) and informed him of the juicy news.

God Will Open the Door

After initially grumbling that I so violently yanked him from sleep, he also expressed surprise at how quickly I received a response from Village Missions.

Sensing I might slip into my infamous anxious-excited mode, Duncan reminded me to just relax. When the right opportunity emerges, God will open the door, he said. So, take a deep breath, submit your writing sample, and just see what happens.

If this was the indeed the opportunity, the door knob seemed to be turning ever so slightly. At least this was the first step in a good direction.

I followed his advice and tried not to get ahead of myself. I really tried, but I couldn’t refrain from feeling a little dubious.

When I arrived back home from my lunch break, I began searching for a good writing sample to submit. I chose an essay I had written in college, in which I argued against the invasive surveillance behaviors of the government and large corporations on U.S. citizens, as it violated our constitutional rights of privacy and freedom. Well, if anything Village Missions will certainly know more about my political leanings, I humorously thought.

Satisfied with my selection, I began to craft my response email back to Mr. Griffiths.

Then, my phone rang.

An Unexpected Call

Ugh, who dares to distract me while I am in the middle of very important business!?

I glanced down at my phone, expecting the caller to be my mom asking me a question about how to fix her computer, or some other device with which she is technologically challenged (love you, mom!).

Nope, it was not my mom. I did not recognize the phone number at all. I’m usually leery of answering unfamiliar numbers, so I cheated and went to Google to search for the culprit.

To my shock, the first result that popped up was…Village Missions!

I’m pretty sure my heart stopped, and then immediately started doing the conga.

Unfortunately, the call ended before I could answer it. I was too astounded to simply swipe my phone screen and speak to the unknown person on the other end. I waited a few minutes, and behold, a voicemail icon emerged at the top of my phone.

My fingers fumbled awkwardly on my screen as I hastened to listen to this mysterious message from the even more mysterious Village Missions. Finally, I selected the option to replay my unheard voicemail.

A kind, soft-spoken man introduced himself as the determined Tim Griffiths, Director of Stewardship at Village Missions. He wasted no time in revealing the purpose of his phone call. He hoped to schedule a Skype interview with me sometime in the next few days for the Staff Writer position.

This cannot be happening. This is so fast! I just submitted my resume last night. I still needed time to prepare!

Naturally, I spastically ran to find Duncan once again. In a small one-bedroom apartment, locating him was not difficult. He looked puzzled once again at my bizarre behavior. I wordlessly handed him my phone.

I was relieved to finally see an appropriate emotion appear on his face as he listened to the voicemail. Now he understood how crazy this all seemed!

Although he was more attentive now to these unbelievable developments, Duncan still erred on the side of caution. He advised me to go ahead and schedule an interview but remain calm. There would be no need to get ahead of myself in all the excitement.

Easy for him to say! I was over here losing my mind while he was perfectly at ease. Go figure.

Once I had collected myself, I dialed the Village Missions office number and waited with bated breath until someone finally answered. I informed the nice lady that I was returning a phone call from Tim Griffiths. She kindly asked me to hold, and soon the familiar voice from earlier was speaking to me.

After our conversation, followed by few emails back and forth (one asking me to clarify that I was aware this was Dallas, Oregon and not Dallas, Texas), we established an interview time: next Tuesday at 11 AM my time.

And to think that just a few hours earlier, I had never even heard of Village Missions. Now I would be interviewing with them!

Even though my skeptical meter kept buzzing, I decided to fully invest my time and energy into learning more about this ministry. If this was indeed the door God wanted me and Duncan to pursue, I needed to be ready for my interview in just a week’s time.

Was this really happening?

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