Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: May 13, 2008
sarvers.JPGWith heavy rainfalls the last week of April, we praise God that the Volga River dike held. The church basement had a few inches of water that we pumped out to save the furnace. Sunday school was cancelled, and we had a water removal “party” for the evening service. We had 18 people show up for a cheerful time of clean-up. God protected us and even brought us closer together! We moved most of our things out of the parsonage basement, and moved much of the first floor up to the second floor. The water in the basement was nearly waist deep, and our freezer, furnace, and water heater were damaged – but thankfully could be repaired! We had help from many people; the Lord has really blessed us during this time and we feel thankful that the town was spared another flood.  Jeremy & Mindi Sarver
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