Prayers this Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: November 10, 2009
Dear Praying Friends: Thank you for bringing Village Missions before the Lord. Please keep these special needs in mind as you pray this week. 1. Continue to pray for those candidates who were recently accepted as they raise support and prepare to be placed on fields. To see pictures of the candidates, click here. 2. Village Missions provides a self-funded Health Plan for our missionaries which is paid for in most part by the churches we serve. Pray that any changes made to Health Care in the United States will be beneficial for health care for missionaries as well as the American people. Pray for wisdom for our Trustee Board as they seek to adapt to any changes 3. Pray for our CFO, Jim Cross, as he attends a council meeting of the Association of North American Missions. 4. Pray for Brian Wechsler as he preaches at Evangelical Bible Church in Dallas, OR November 15 Thank you for praying!
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