Village Missions: A Family Business

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Date: March 7, 2019

Here at Village Missions, we are all one big family. And sometimes, quite literally!

It All Started with One Family

The story of Village Missions began with one family deeply burdened by the spiritual needs of the rural communities in their new country. When our founder, Walter Duff Sr. retired, he passed the baton to his son, Walter Duff Jr., commissioning him to continue sending out missionary pastors to churches without leadership. (To learn more about this, check out our interactive History page.)

Walter Jr.’s sister, Helen Duff Baugh, worked alongside her brother by supporting the work of Village Missions through her own women’s ministry for many years.

Walter Jr.’s son, David Duff, served in the International Service Center for 15 years, and now is the Director of Ecola Bible College in Canon Beach, Oregon.

And now many of our retired & active missionaries are watching members of their own family – sons, daughters, cousins, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews – become Village Missionaries!

Just a few second-generation missionaries include Don Cambra (Worley, ID), Jenny Haneman (Olmstedville, NY), and James Knoop (Manning, ND).

Truly, Village Missions runs in the family!

Village Missions: Coming Full Circle

On the other hand, we have others who attended a Village Missions church, and became missionaries themselves!

Larry and Robin Walton (Bliss, ID), Mark Bueckert (Ryley, AB), Paul & Robin Crabtree (Manton, CA), and even our very own Executive Director, Brian & Carole Wechsler all got their start in a small Village Missions church!

In this quarter, we want to share with you the stories of 4 families who came from a Village Missionary background. Some were born into the Village Missions family, and others came on later! But, in each of their stories, you will clearly see how God was guiding and directing each of their paths the entire way.

The Walton's journey to the Village Missions family began in a small church in Oregon. Coming full circle: why small churches matter For Nathan & Amanda Devena, joining Village Missions was coming home to ministry Village Missions: A Family Legacy
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