Village Missionary Pastor

Village Missionaries have opportunities many other pastors never experience. You get to integrate yourself into both your church and the entire community in a unique way.

Like a traditional pastor, you shepherd the church through preaching, teaching and mentoring. Yet, like a missionary, you show the love of Christ to the unchurched community through visitation, volunteering in local activities and serving alongside townsfolk in their trades.

You and your family will live in the community you shepherd, being examples of Jesus to the community simply by the way you live.

Preach the Word and Love the People

As a Village Missionary, you spend half your time studying the Word of God, spending time in prayer and teaching the people. The other half will be spent out in the community. Example of this are:

  • Helping a neighbor with farm chores
  • Working on a broken-down car
  • Fishing with a board member
  • Listening to a widow share her struggles
  • Visiting people in jails and hospitals

This 50/50 combination has been the heartbeat of Village missions since the very beginning. We call it preaching the Word and loving the people.

Click here for further necessary service qualifications.

Different Roles

All Village Missionaries serve the same purpose of preaching the Word and loving the people. However, each community is very different and often benefits from a Village Missionary who understands their lifestyle. God will use your talents and skills to impact the community where you serve as a:  

  1. Small Town Pastor
  2. Rural Pastor
  3. Cowboy Pastor

Click on one (or all) of the links to read more about what each of these entails. 


Open Churches

We have several churches at any given time waiting for full-time leadership. Village Missions places pastors in a church on a case by case basis.

AdventureAwaits1000x500How will you become involved with Village Missions? You may choose to enter into an internship, or you may be ready to start the application process to be sent directly to a church. In either case, the first step is to fill out the form below. Once you send it, we’ll be in contact to help you get started down the road to becoming a Village Missionary.

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