Veterans: The Next Chapter

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Date: November 13, 2017

Veterans Serving as Missionaries in Rural North America

honoring our veteransThis quarter, read the stories of Village Missionaries who joined Village Missions as a second career after the military. Find inspiration in their commitment, both to their country, and the rural people of North America. We honor these veterans for their service, both in the military, and in rural America.

Rural ministry may seem like an odd career after the military for these men and women. But each of these veterans came to serve with Village Missions for a similar reason – there was another battle to fight.

The Need Is Great

Across the United States, unremembered places need the Gospel. Many of the rural people who live there have never heard of salvation. They’ve never heard that Jesus died for them.

Sadly, many of the churches in these communities are dying. Major denominations simply pull their pastors out, because the country folks cannot afford the salary demanded. On the surface, it looks like a losing battle. The enemy would love nothing more than for souls of the people of rural United States to be abandoned.

Yet, in over 220 communities, Village Missionaries fight for these country churches, refusing to let the light of the gospel vanish. It’s not always easy, but it’s a battle worth fighting. Each year, we see hundreds of decisions made for Christ. Hundreds more dedicate their lives to the Lord through baptism.

So, we proudly recognize the many Village Missionary men and women (current and past) who have served the United States of America. We are honored to have them choose Village Missions as their second career, and we know that the experience of the military has uniquely trained them to serve in full-time, ministry leadership. Their dedication and commitment, both to this country and the Gospel, serves as a testament to their character and relationship with Jesus Christ.

To hear the stories of these veterans, visit the links below:

Battle for Souls Join the fight for rural communities! Steve Fournier never dreamed he would become a rural pastor. The Stansels served in the U.S. military before becoming Village Missionaries. Looking back, they can see how their experiences provided the perfect training for rural ministry.

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