An Unexpected Meeting Leads to Training for Future Missions

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Date: September 19, 2017
By Jon Hansen, District Representative, Mountain Central

My wife Debbie and I moved to Chadron, Nebraska, in August of 2010 as we began our new roles as District Representatives. Soon we joined a local church and began getting to know the people. Little did we know that an unexpected meeting would lead to training for future missions work with Village Missions for one young couple.

Our pastor was preaching through Romans 12 on Sunday mornings. He desired to have the congregation to meet in small groups throughout the week to discuss each section. Debbie and I signed up with a group that met on a weeknight hoping we would be able to connect with individuals who attended.

Kavin and Kelsey Bogus received training for future missions work

The first week we met several married couples; an engaged couple also attended. Kevin and Kelsey Bogus were quiet and took everything in. As we engaged with them week to week we found ourselves drawn to them. One night we invited them over for dinner; they talked and hung around for most of the evening. Still in college, they were considering careers based on their degrees.

After Kevin and Kelsey’s wedding, we invited them to our home often. We encouraged them to consider attending Bible college, but they didn’t feel that they could accomplish that and work full time. They began a family and settled into their jobs.

Avenue for Training for Future Missions

In 2015 Village Missions launched the Contender’s Discipleship Initiative. I shared with Kevin that he could attend Bible school from his own home. This was great news; Kevin was sensing the Lord’s call to full-time ministry. Kevin enrolled in the Bibliology course. A year later Kevin told me that he and Kelsey recognized the Lord’s call to serve as missionaries with Village Missions.

Kevin's training for future missions work included preaching

With this news I asked Kevin if he wanted to meet weekly in a discipleship relationship when we were not out traveling in our district. He replied yes! Now, every Wednesday morning from 7:00-8:00 we meet for coffee. We study God’s Word together before Kevin goes to work. Kevin has been also been discipled by his local pastor and has been given the privilege to preach and learn about ministry by hands on experience.

This past May, Debbie asked Kelsey if she would like to meet weekly to pray and talk about life as a pastor’s wife. She said yes! Last February they attended our Mentoring Weekend with other students at Frontier School of the Bible.

Training for Future Missions Almost Complete

Kevin just enrolled in CDI’s Church History course. This is the last course he will take before he, Kelsey and their three little sons launch into a one year internship with Village Missions next summer. This will be a bittersweet moment in our lives; the Bogus family has become our adopted kids and grandkids. Still, we excitedly anticipate watching the Lord use them in a rural church and community.

As we look to the future we see the Lord’s handwriting all over this chapter of our lives. An unexpected meeting led to launching new Village Missionaries.

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