Tony & Kathy Pinkham, Kettle Falls, WA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: April 24, 2019

This Sunday we had a potluck after church.  When we arrived, we picked a table that had room for ourselves and our son with us.  The three of us were sitting there visiting, and then our 18-year-old Joshua said, “Dad, look over there.”  He whispered, “That new man is sitting alone.  We should go over there.”  We were comfortable where we were, but then our hearts were pierced by our son’s words and his own caring heart.  Joshua started over to sit at this man’s table. Tony and I joined him.  We enjoyed getting to know this older man who was a veteran, and his somewhat disheveled look slowly began to peel away, and we saw who he really was.  He loved the Lord.  He felt welcomed here.  He shared about his life and his testimony. He said he would be back to church the next week.  Thank You, God, for ministering to us through our son. 

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