Tom & Kathie Peyton, Mingo, KS

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: January 26, 2017

Although Mingo is officially listed as a ghost town, it has a population that varies from about 12-20 residents. We are 10 miles from Colby, Kansas, but surrounded by a very large farming area.

We are thankful that God brought families with children to our congregation. Seven years ago there were about 10 kids. Although half of them have graduated from high school and are on their own, we now have about 20 kids each Sunday! Pray for Tom’s Jail Ministry each Wednesday.  Some of the men have been saved and a couple baptized. Every other year Tom teaches a Christian Evidences Class for Juniors and Seniors at Heartland Christian School in Colby (which began at Mingo Bible Church over 20 years ago).  Please pray that the kids will take what they learn with them as they go out on their own.

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