Tim & Aletha Salcedo, Kittredge, CO

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: December 26, 2018

Tim and I have been stretched beyond what we thought our limits were and have seen God’s faithful hand of guidance. We are diligently praying and learning, seeking what His plans are for us to make a bigger Gospel impact in our community and the church we serve.
We sense that God is at work and we are on the cusp of something wonderful. What exactly? We are not sure — we are seeking Him and trying to be faithful.
People move to the mountains to be alone usually, to get away from people and even away from church sometimes. It is a tough nut to crack. We have learned a lot, and take comfort in knowing God is not done with us yet. He brought us here — to Kittredge — on purpose, in His perfect timing, despite our weaknesses and all we’ve had to learn and have yet to learn.
God is at work here and in this church, and in us. It is sometimes a slow, inch by inch progress and other times it is swift and dramatic. Ministry isn’t glamorous; it is hard work in ways we never imagined. We are thankful for the journey. And we are thankful for your prayers on our behalf!

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