What Is Village Missions, Part 2 | The Opening

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Date: January 1, 2019
By Makenzie McNeill, Staff Writer/Stewardship Assistant

An Opening Door

“Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one can shut…” – Revelation 3:8

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2,000 miles away in the Pacific Northwest, a new development was forming in the Village Missions home office.

James Knoop, who had served as the Staff Writer for the last three years, felt called to become a Village Missionary. In early August of 2018, he and his family were accepted as missionaries. They would be placed on their field, Manning, North Dakota, in November!

While much excitement floated around the home office at the prospect of the Knoop family heading off to serve as missionaries, an obvious problem emerged: James’ spot needed to be filled quickly.

A Daunting Task

The Staff Writer (also called the “Stewardship Assistant”), carries responsibility for writing all the printed and online reading materials. From appeals to blogs, from Country Matters to social media posts – and everything in between. And the demand for these projects to be completed as scheduled would not change with or without a new writer!

Director of Stewardship Tim Griffiths, who oversees and works with the Staff Writer, faced a daunting task: find a new replacement by September 1.

The reasons for this quick turnaround included: the new writer needed to be trained by James before his departure, and Tim’s schedule for the upcoming weeks contained many commitments. He would travel all over the country throughout September, meeting with donors and attending important ministry conferences.

Unexpected Answer

Although the challenge seemed impossible, Tim began to pray that God would raise up a new Staff Writer to take over for James by the estimated deadline.

Browsing through job posting websites, Tim started advertising the position on multiple platforms.

After posting to the VM website, Facebook, Craigslist, The Gospel Coalition, MissioNexius and Christianjobs.com, he decided to inquire of another website: Indeed. After some frustrating attempts to determine the cost and testing the various pages with random placeholder text, the job was posted for free. Tim quickly edited his posting, wondering where he might find a writer.

The following day, Tim would be greeted with an email notification informing him that several had applied for the job position. Not through the VM website or Christianjobs.com.

But from Indeed!

And you’d never guess who one of the applicants was who found the job posting on the website Tim deemed as mysterious.

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