The Necessity of Vision

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Date: October 16, 2018
By Richard Hayes, District Representative, Southwest

Sometimes, even the best pastors and missionaries suffer from spiritual fatigue and become apathetic. We lose our vision.

Foundation for Vision

The days in which we minister are challenging and can leave our souls parched if we lose sight of the One who sits on the throne of the universe–the One who directs all thing to their appointed end–the One who is building His church and has conquered the kingdom of darkness.

So, with this foundation of truth, I want to encourage each of us to look forward to what the Lord has for us and our ministries in the days ahead. It is natural for everyone to become complacent and fall into the trap of a weekly routine that takes little thought or effort, but the resulting fruit is often of the same proportion.

A Definition of Vision

A few years ago, I read a book by Kris Lundgaard titled, The Enemy Within, Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin. The book is a powerful read. In the chapter titled “Hooked”, Lundgaard describes the lure of sin and deceit of the flesh and provides a concise statement of vision. While I am using Lundgaard’s description of vision in a different context, I think this is a timely reminder in our lives, personal ministries and in the churches that we are leading.

Lundgaard writes, “The power of vision comes from the imagination – the leader imagining paradise, then helping others to imagine it with him. He whets their appetite, and when they see it clearly, and when it looks good enough, they’ll do anything to make it happen, because their affections hunger for it (p. 94).”

The Responsibility of Vision

Using this description in the context of our ministries and leadership, we can see that routines producing little or no results are generally not visions people want to invest their time, resources or gifts in. Among all our responsibilities as the Lord’s Under-Shepherds, we have a responsibility to be visionary leaders.

We are to set the sails of our churches ministries to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and be driven toward fruitful endeavors resulting in communities reached for Christ, families transformed, and individuals set free from the power and destruction of sin.

Vision is powerful. Visionary leaders are strategically placed by the Spirit of God to equip and lead the church. That, my fellow Village Missionaries–is YOU!

What is your God-given vision?

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