The Importance of Staff Conference

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Date: May 8, 2018

Since Reverend Duff founded Village Missions in 1948, we have offered Village Missionaries a week away for R.E.S.T (renewal, encouragement, strengthening and training) We call it staff conference.

At staff conference, Village Missionaries join other missionaries from their own districts for a week of prayer, singing, laughter, rest, food and fellowship. They encourage each other in their ministries, other advice from personal experience and pray with those who are struggling. Kids and teenagers find friends who understand what it’s like to be a missionary kid, and they get to spend quality time with their families away from ministry.

The Need for Staff Conference

Every year, we hear stories from missionaries who were in desperate need of a break from ministry. Some come burdened by a year full of funerals. Others are experiencing discord in their church. Some are weary from ministering day after day in a spiritually dark community.

Without a time to rest and recover from this kind of ministry, some Village Missionaries would not survive another year without burning out.

The Results of Staff Conference

This quarter, you’ll hear stories from Village Missionaries and VM kids whose lives were changed forever by Staff Conference. I hope these stories give you a better idea of why Staff Conference is so important, and why we are committed to hosting it each summer.

It’s a major commitment, but it’s worth it! Will you give a gift today to ensure that a Village Missions family can receive this gift of rest and rejuvenation? Your gift will not only help Village Missionaries take a needed break from ministry. It will help renew their passion and strengthen their family relationships. By providing this needed rest, you will prevent burnout and help keep country church thriving across rural North America.

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