The Duties of the Small Town Pastor

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Date: June 5, 2017

Why We Need Small Town Pastors

Part Two: The Duties of the Small Town Pastor

By Skip Pullen, District Representative, Northeast

A small town pastor focusing on the spiritual health of his church is greatly needed by communities across North America.

The small town pastor must preach the Word of God faithfully. He must love the people in the church and those in the community. He needs to be out in the community making connections with the people that live there.

It also requires a change of mindset. Just because a church is small doesn’t mean it can’t be spiritually vital. The small town pastor needs to stop trying to make the congregation he is called to shepherd into something they are not, nor were ever meant to be. In addition, he needs to equip the believers to know God’s Word and to be connecting with new families. There is no such thing as “Lone Ranger” Christianity. The pastor cannot accomplish this mission alone.

Do you recall the accounts in John’s gospel where Andrew went looking for Peter, and Philip went looking for Nathanael (see John 1:40-51)? These guys encountered Jesus, and this led to them inviting others.

The rural church needs to know its mission as well.

The mission of the Church, be it a megachurch or a small town church, is to exalt the Lord, evangelize the lost, and edify and equip the believers to do the work of the ministry. The church doesn’t call a pastor to do the work of the ministry, but to equip the church, of which he is a part, to do the work of the ministry.

The small town church must learn to stretch and adapt. We mustn’t change the gospel message, but we must adapt our methods if we are going to connect with the people around us.

Now, more than ever, churches need small town pastors.

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