What Is Village Missions, Part 3 | The Discovery

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Date: February 13, 2019
By Makenzie McNeill, Staff Writer/Stewardship Assistant

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I had initially anticipated to spend the rest of my Tuesday evening mindlessly watching YouTube videos. I had already invested several hours into searching for jobs. Yet I found myself continuing to peruse the depths of job posting websites for any opportunities that I thought looked interesting.

That deep, unexplainable feeling that The Lord was calling me and Duncan to move was still present. Only a few days had transpired between our conversation about looking for job prospects, and me actually starting the process of searching. But still – I was insistent on starting my job hunt strong!

Shortly after our discussion about moving, we compiled a list of places that we would most prefer to live in (this would help me narrow my search geographically). Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Oregon was at the top. Although we had ever been there, the pictures we had seen on Google convinced us to rank it very high!

We both love outdoor activities – hiking, camping, the mountains, the beach – and Oregon seemed ideal! So, with images of beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery floating in my mind, I kept my eyes open and alert for opportunities in the Beaver State.

So far, my probing had uncovered 2 potential leads, both in Oregon. Believing that God would open the door to the right path, I went ahead and applied.

In the following days, my searching had not unearthed anything new. I was either underqualified, or I did not feel the job was a good fit for me. Frustrated with my lack of progress, I had to remind myself that I was only a few days into my job hunt, after all.

Patience, patience. Job hunting takes time. Surely the perfect opportunity would not manifest this quickly. Or so I thought.

After not yielding any interesting results, and the strength of boredom weighing heavily this particular night, the television in my head started playing funny animal videos. I had reached a good stopping point, so I felt comfortable ending my search. Hilarious panda videos, here I come.

Then a job posting caught my attention.

The position was entitled, “Staff Writer / Stewardship Assistant.” This person would be responsible for writing all the online and reading publications, assisting with donor maintenance and care, and helping arrange banquets and events.

Hmm, so far so good, I thought. This job looks great. I love writing, I currently work in donor relations, and I have experience with planning and coordinating events. And it is a Christian ministry? Seems perfect!

After the job description, the location of the job was revealed: Dallas, Oregon. I confess, I had to blink several times to ensure I had read that correctly. Was I so arrogant in my Texan pride to assume that there was only one Dallas!? I immediately searched for “Dallas, Oregon” on Google, and within 20 minutes I concluded that I would enjoy living in this town. (I have since been informed that there are at least 10 other places named “Dallas” in the U.S…my heart and ego are still recovering…)


Now I had to research what company posted this. Village Missions.

What is Village Missions? I had never heard of this ministry before. What do they do? Who they serve? Where do they work?

Hundreds of questions buzzed around in my head, and I was determined to get answers. Although carelessly slipping into hours on YouTube was a tempting offer, I was too energized by this discovery to wait until the next day.

So, with intrigue reaching its maximum height, I visited the Village Missions website and began to study.

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