The Depth of God’s Wisdom

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Date: May 29, 2018

The Depth of God's WisdomThis bulletin insert about the depth of God’s wisdom is made available to you as a PDF document.

Observing God’s Wisdom at Work

I have been praying recently for a couple of men in our rural community who have experienced some difficult times. Seeing God’s work in their lives through these circumstances brings encouragement, not only for what He is doing in their lives, but for how He is constantly working in each of our lives according to His wisdom.

Each of our testimonies contains core elements that are the same: the gospel, the Spirit’s ministry of conviction, and the believers that God used. But each of our stories is different, unique. Were we young or old? Did we accept the gospel immediately or journey a long distance before accepting? Did God use our parents or friends? One believer or many? How many details fell into place in your particular story?

For each of us, growing to spiritual maturity is a long-term process, whatever our salvation process was. God works in each of our lives in the process of time. He is using each experience and working with each of us, not always in the ways we would think.

“If it is okay, I would like to come back.”
One of these men showed up at our midweek Bible study. Afterwards he asked me if I had changed what I was teaching because he came, which I had not. I would have thought this was the worst possible week, of all weeks, that he could show up due to the text we were covering. As everyone was leaving he said, “This spoke directly to me. If it is okay, I would like to come back.”

God’s Wisdom Is Universal, Yet Unique

God knew what he needed to hear. Just as he knows each of us intimately. We are, each of us, members in His body. All of us are members in His body. Each of us is an individual and God knows everything that He needs to know in order to work one on one with us.

Certainly, the depth of God’s wisdom is displayed in His plan of salvation for both Jews and Gentiles (Romans 9-11). But this wisdom is not only revealed in the Scriptures. It is displayed each day in our lives, in our local churches, and in our communities as God is calling out a people for His name.

Duane & Holly Scheidemantle have been serving in Chesaw, WA for over seven years. Their boys (Caleb and Benjamin) finished growing up in Chesaw and have moved on to Bible School. God is graciously using their family to build His church in Chesaw.

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