Following God from Texas to Oregon

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Date: October 31, 2018
By Makenzie McNeill, Staff Writer/Stewardship Assistant

An Introduction

Howdy! I’m Makenzie and I moved from the hill country of Texas all the way to the coastal mountains of Oregon.

My work with Village Missions began on October 1, 2018. I am taking over the Stewardship Assistant / Staff Writer position from James Knoop once he embarks with his family to Manning, North Dakota, to become Village Missionaries!

I am incredibly excited to finally be here, and I cannot wait to share my story with you. 

Facts About Me

However, before I delve too deeply into my much-convoluted story, I’ll start out with a few facts about me!

I grew up in a small town 2 hours northeast of Houston, Texas.  I share an unashamed appreciation for many things that are stereotypically Texan. Such as, but certainly not limited to…

  • Tex-Mex (I have been dismayed to learn there is no “queso” here in Oregon…)
  • BBQ (Texas is King of the ‘Que)
  • Football (Gig Em Aggies)

A few of my favorite hobbies include:

  • Adventures & travels  (museums, national parks, etc.)
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, etc.)
  • Reading books (I do enjoy a riveting historical novel, political commentary, or philosophical exposition)

My husband, Duncan, and I met while attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Ironically, we initially despised each other! However, when we discovered our mutual passion for traveling & adventures, we realized how well we fit together! We have been married since May 2016. 

While I have lived in Texas my whole life, and Duncan has lived in 4 states, Oregon is completely new territory for us!

However, the great weather, beautiful scenery, and Tillamook Ice-cream have made our transition relatively smooth!

Austin, TX | July 2018

My Blog

My blogs will focus on the unique circumstances that began my journey to Village Missions! They shall air the first day of each month. 

In my blogs, I will unfold the events that brought me all the way to the Pacific Coast from my home in Texas. I approached this job without any prior knowledge or awareness of the need for rural ministry in North America. With my misconceptions challenged & curiosity piqued, I arrived at Village Missions with great excitement. 

So, stay tuned for my next blog as I delve into the interesting journey that led me to Village Missions! 

Newport, OR | September 2018 | Our first trip to Oregon!

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