Ragged Edges: A Look At Spiritually Vital Churches

What does it mean to develop spiritually vital churches? District Representative Greg Petrie takes a closer look at this portion of our mission statement, and at some of the churches he works with.

Revitalizing the Local Church

Village Missions exists to revitalize the local church in rural areas. This story about Village Missionaries Brenden & Helena Peters shows how.
What is the purpose of Village Missions in relation to CDI?

The Purpose of Village Missions & CDI

The Contenders Discipleship Initiative (CDI) serves a valuable purpose within Village Missions. Executive Director Brian Wechsler takes a look at how Village Missions operated in the past and contrasts that with the the present, then ties it all together with CDI.
Contenders Discipleship Initiative

Contenders Discipleship Initiative & 2016

What will Contenders Discipleship Initiative (CDI) look like in 2016? Executive Director Brian Wechsler takes the time to look forward to the coming year as he shares some stories of those who have already completed CDI classes.

Church Revitalization and Our Cherry Tree

We bought a cherry tree about five years ago.  We only have a small lot but we love cherries and I like to grow things.  We waited until the fall when the few rejected trees at Rite Aid were on sale. Our poor tree struggled to survive.  Deer ate most of its branches and leaves […]

Looking Back Along the Trail

Remembering the challenging times along the trail, I am amazed at what God has done and how graciously He has provided for Village Missions in the past ten years.

Are Health Insurance Companies the Villains?

If our experience with a self-funded plan, a plan in which we provide our own health coverage, is any indication, insurance companies are only a small contributor to the high medical costs. Citizens may very well be in for some profound “sticker shock” when it comes time to ante up for their monthly premium.

Keeping Navajo Churches Alive

This summer Village Missions began serving the Navajo Nation.  We accepted Albert and Katie Johnson as Village Missionaries and began providing salary support to them as they serve the Twin Mesa Bible Church. The Twin Mesa Bible Church is located near Kykotsmovi, AZ.  I tried to find the actual location of Twin Mesa on Google Earth, […]

Will You Be My Friend?

I have joined Facebook! My kids were shocked that I took such a radical step into their world. Caleb wrote on my wall (A wall, as I’m learning, is a place to post comments), “HAHA my dad is on facebook… 🙂 love ya tons.” Sarah wrote “Yeah! You are in! Love you tons! Gotta go, […]

Staying the Course in Ministry

I have been both strongly encouraged and somewhat discouraged in recent months.  Our candidate school in Spring 06 provided a great deal of encouragement!  We had nine couples in attendance and accepted eight couples.  One couple will serve as an Associate couple and one couple is from Canada.  In addition, Pastor Nelson Betoney attended so that he would become […]
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