Nothing Wasted: An Unexpected Second Career

Village Missionary Ryan Schnee worked several jobs before entering full-time ministry, and none of them are typically associated with shepherding a church. Yet, every job and life detour was preparing him for a second career he didn’t expect.
Rural Churches play a part in shaping and molding lives.

Rural Churches: Shaping & Molding Lives

Village Missionary wife Jani Carney shares how God used rural churches in her life, and how, years later, that impact continues.

The Very Best

Recently we held our Fall 2011 Candidate School in Dallas, Oregon. We accepted eight outstanding couples. They came from coast to coast and ranged from their twenties to their sixties. Some had some pastoral experience, either in a senior or assistant role, but some did not. Both husband and wife believed firmly that God was […]

Called to Be a Shepherd

Dr. Al Mohler has written an excellent blog titled “Has God Called You?  Discerning the Call to Preach.”  I commend it to anyone who might be wondering whether God is calling you to be a pastor.  I would place more emphasis on the shepherding aspect of pastoral ministry (see my previous blog post), but overall […]

Is Bigger Better When it Comes to a Church?

I am writing this Family Newsletter article from Pendleton, Oregon.  I am the main speaker at a Missions Conference at Grace Baptist Church in Pendleton.  This church is the home church of Village Missionary Greg McCallum.  It is a small church (not necessarily by our standards) of only about 80-90 in attendance. It is interesting to me that […]

Septic Tanks and Leadership in the Rural Church

Carole and I arrived on our first field in Finchford , Iowa on a beautiful afternoon in July. About thirty people gathered that day to greet us and help us unload our belongings. We would grow to deeply love and care for those people and others in the church and community. As the folks helped […]
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