God's Plan for Ministry

God’s Plan for Ministry

Nathan Walters sensed God had something more for him, but didn’t know what it was. When he discovered God’s plan for ministry in his life, it made all the difference.
Join the fight for rural communities!

Join The Fight for Rural Communities!

David Carr discovered that his years of military service prepared him for missions. He joined the fight for rural communities.
God's Timing

God’s Timing: Moving Into A Second Career

Bruce Swan had a successful career, but walked away from it to pursue a second career. He hadn’t made a mistake; it was all in God’s timing.

Nothing Wasted: An Unexpected Second Career

Village Missionary Ryan Schnee worked several jobs before entering full-time ministry, and none of them are typically associated with shepherding a church. Yet, every job and life detour was preparing him for a second career he didn’t expect.
Village Missionary Ken Ainsworth has no regrets about his second career.

No Regrets: A Second Career with Village Missions

The Ainsworths were on a successful career track. Find out how a school administrator & chemist found second careers with Village Missions.
The Next Step: A Second Career With Village Missions

The Next Step: A Second Career As A Village Missionary

Fred had a successful life-but felt that something was missing. Find out what happened when he took the next step, and began a second career.
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