Gut Check: a test or assessment of courage, character, or determination-Part 3

Any organization exists and serves at God’s pleasure. For reasons not known to us and perhaps not having anything to do with us, He is free to decide that Village Missions has finished its course. But it will not be because Village Missions is not doing a valuable work in fulfilling Jesus’ promise to build His church. I know that in my “gut!”

Village Missions’ Gut Check

This “gut check” also causes me to examine whether I am fully convinced that God has more for Village Missions to do. The next years will be difficult years for us. As director, will I have the “courage, character, or determination” to do what needs to be done? It will be a “gut check” for all who say they believe in keeping country churches alive, requiring much more “courage, character, and determination” than in years past. It will require people to pray earnestly and give sacrificially.
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