This local church needed help

Local Church Is The Only Church in Town

Paskenta Flournoy Bible Church was losing hope. The church had no pastor, and the community had no other church. Then, someone remembered Village Missions.
A cowboy pastor meets his rural community where it is.

Cowboy Pastor: Love Is The Glue

Village Missionary Nathan Mudd finds that some of his “greatest preaching” is done in cowboy boots…and not always from the pulpit. As this cowboy pastor serves his rural community, he shows Christ’s love to them in the ways they understand best.

The Potential of Rural Ministry: Starbuck versus Starbucks

Rural ministry has huge potential. The relationship building that can occur in rural ministry will bring many opportunities to share Christ.

Pastor or Village Missionary?

What do we call the people serving in our Village Missions churches, and why? Executive Director Brian Wechsler takes a close look at the terms pastor and Village Missionary, and then explains why he feels one term is a better fit.

The Resurrection and Aunt Patsy

My Aunt Patsy just passed away a few hours ago and in a few days we will celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord.  Aunt Patsy was a strange mix of compassion, unbelievable generosity, intelligence, stubbornness, and mental illness.  We loved her but sometimes interacting with her was a challenge.  Always sure she was […]

The Rural Church—Missional Community?

Missional ChurchesSo many of the churches we serve are missional. They just don’t know that’s what people call it!  Suppose rural churches realized that they are missional and started building on this inherent strength of theirs!  It would not take any finances or other resources. They simply need to realize that we are to help each […]

The Arctic Wooly Bear and Village Missions

I recently watched a program on Animal Planet about springtime in the artic. One creature that they referred to as the Wooly Worm (Banded Wooly Worm or Banded Wooly Bear) particularly caught my attention. The Wooly Worm, similar in appearance to the Wooly Worms I’ve often seen in the country, freezes solid in the winter and […]

Pictures of Village Missions Events and Churches

It has been quite some time since I posted links to the places and events that Carole and I have visited over the last several months. This is your chance to take an armchair visit to some of our fields.What Could Possibly Happen in Kendrick, CO?Visit to a New Field in ArizonaThe Good Shepherd of […]

Celebrating Becoming a Self-Supporting Church

This summer, Carole and I traveled to North Lansing, NY to help Faith Bible Church celebrate becoming self-supporting. This means that the church is now able to cover our self-funded health insurance premium as well as the base salary of $1700 per month. Faith Bible Church reached this level in April 2011 and we joined […]

Gut Check: A test of courage – Part 3

Any organization exists and serves at God’s pleasure. For reasons not known to us and perhaps not having anything to do with us, He is free to decide that Village Missions has finished its course. But it will not be because Village Missions is not doing a valuable work in fulfilling Jesus’ promise to build His church. I know that in my “gut!”

What Makes for Good Country Pastors?

I ran across an interesting blog article, posted on June 2006 but just tagged in my Google Alerts called “What Makes for Good Rural Pastors?”  I think we might have something to say about that as we have many good rural and country pastors in Village Missions and have had many more over the years. 

Much More Than E-Fundraising

Recently I attended probably one of the best seminars I have ever attended (no hyperbole) on fundraising – sponsored by Mission Increase Foundation. Here are a few ways what I learned relates to rural ministry…
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