Rural North America needs ordinary guys

Just An Ordinary Guy: What Rural America Needs

Cliff Anderson may have been “just an ordinary guy,” but his background in rural North America uniquely positioned him for ministry.

Nailed Straight

She knew nothing about the Bible or Jesus but after answering her questions for an hour, she prayed with me to receive Christ. Her mother had been sobbing the whole time I talked with her daughter and after we prayed, I asked her if she, too, would like to ask for forgiveness and be saved. She was shaking and crying as she sobbed, “Yes” and she prayed to receive the Lord, too. When we went out to the lobby, the aunt met us and we shared the wonderful news with her. When we left the hospital all three were weeping and holding one another in one of the most tender and loving moments!

Stonecroft Ends Financial Support for Village Missions

Stonecroft Ministries notified us recently that financial support for Village Missions will end effective March 31, 2009. This will result in a loss of income to Village Missions of $40,000 per month.

Staying the Course in Ministry

I have been both strongly encouraged and somewhat discouraged in recent months.  Our candidate school in Spring 06 provided a great deal of encouragement!  We had nine couples in attendance and accepted eight couples.  One couple will serve as an Associate couple and one couple is from Canada.  In addition, Pastor Nelson Betoney attended so that he would become […]
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