God’s Call and Village Missions

Colossians 1:25-27He passed by our display, scarcely noticing the brochures, pens, and sticky notes. Stuart needed to get to class and besides, he knew after graduation he was going on to seminary. He ignored the inner voice that told him to pick up a brochure. He walked further toward class. Again, the whisper, ‚ÄúPick up […]

Looking Back Along the Trail

Remembering the challenging times along the trail, I am amazed at what God has done and how graciously He has provided for Village Missions in the past ten years.

Two Choices in Any Ministry

The small town pastor has two possible approaches to ministry. The first is to focus on earthly wisdom. The second is to focus on the grace of God.

Pine Beetles, Islam, and Village Missions

Every church across the United States can learn a valuable lesson from the destruction caused by the Mountain Pine Beetle.
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