Rural Churches play a part in shaping and molding lives.

Rural Churches: Shaping & Molding Lives

Village Missionary wife Jani Carney shares how God used rural churches in her life, and how, years later, that impact continues.
This local church needed help

Local Church Is The Only Church in Town

Paskenta Flournoy Bible Church was losing hope. The church had no pastor, and the community had no other church. Then, someone remembered Village Missions.

Revitalizing the Local Church

Village Missions exists to revitalize the local church in rural areas. This story about Village Missionaries Brenden & Helena Peters shows how.

The Potential of Rural Ministry: Starbuck versus Starbucks

Rural ministry has huge potential. The relationship building that can occur in rural ministry will bring many opportunities to share Christ.

Pastor or Village Missionary?

What do we call the people serving in our Village Missions churches, and why? Executive Director Brian Wechsler takes a close look at the terms pastor and Village Missionary, and then explains why he feels one term is a better fit.

The Resurrection and Aunt Patsy

My Aunt Patsy just passed away a few hours ago and in a few days we will celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord.  Aunt Patsy was a strange mix of compassion, unbelievable generosity, intelligence, stubbornness, and mental illness.  We loved her but sometimes interacting with her was a challenge.  Always sure she was […]

Village Missions and the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare

Background:  When I became Executive Director in November 2000, Village Missions had a self-funded health insurance plan, in other words, we were our own insurance carrier.  We collected premiums from the churches we served and used a T.P.A. (Third Party Administrator) to administrate medical bills.  We carried stop-loss insurance to cover major medical expenses.  Over […]

The Rural Church—Missional Community?

Missional ChurchesSo many of the churches we serve are missional. They just don’t know that’s what people call it!  Suppose rural churches realized that they are missional and started building on this inherent strength of theirs!  It would not take any finances or other resources. They simply need to realize that we are to help each […]

Pictures of Village Missions Events and Churches

It has been quite some time since I posted links to the places and events that Carole and I have visited over the last several months. This is your chance to take an armchair visit to some of our fields. What Could Possibly Happen in Kendrick, CO? Visit to a New Field in Arizona The […]

Church Revitalization and Our Cherry Tree

We bought a cherry tree about five years ago.  We only have a small lot but we love cherries and I like to grow things.  We waited until the fall when the few rejected trees at Rite Aid were on sale. Our poor tree struggled to survive.  Deer ate most of its branches and leaves […]

Celebrating Becoming a Self-Supporting Church

This summer, Carole and I traveled to North Lansing, NY to help Faith Bible Church celebrate becoming self-supporting. This means that the church is now able to cover our self-funded health insurance premium as well as the base salary of $1700 per month. Faith Bible Church reached this level in April 2011 and we joined […]

The Very Best

Recently we held our Fall 2011 Candidate School in Dallas, Oregon. We accepted eight outstanding couples. They came from coast to coast and ranged from their twenties to their sixties. Some had some pastoral experience, either in a senior or assistant role, but some did not. Both husband and wife believed firmly that God was […]
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