Rural Churches play a part in shaping and molding lives.

Rural Churches: Shaping & Molding Lives

Village Missionary wife Jani Carney shares how God used rural churches in her life, and how, years later, that impact continues.

Village Missionaries and the Indian Civil Servants

A friend of mine recently gave me something he had copied from Peter Drucker’s classic work, “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices.” Drucker has been a particular favorite of his, ever since he studied under him at Claremont. I was struck by the similarities between Village Missionaries and Drucker’s classic description of the Indian Civil Service. The […]

Clergy Numbers Dropping

Here is a brief article on the shortage of pastors in rural areas among mainline denominations. The shortages are staggering. Village Missions would like to supply pastors to rural churches in danger of closing but often denominations own the church building and are unwilling to relinquish control to the local congregation. Village Missions does not […]
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