This local church needed help

Local Church Is The Only Church in Town

Paskenta Flournoy Bible Church was losing hope. The church had no pastor, and the community had no other church. Then, someone remembered Village Missions.

An Approach That Transcends Culture

When I began this series on Village Missions’ gut check four months ago, many troubling signs existed in the economy, yet few realized that an economic collapse was coming.  It appears our country and perhaps Canada is headed toward a severe recession.  Individual Village Missionaries will experience a severe decline in their retirement savings.  Families […]

New 2007 Rural America at a Glance

The Economic Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture has just published its latest report that can be accessed at  For those interested in overall conditions in rural areas and in trends this is an excellent resource.  You can sign up for e-mail notifications. Two findings particularly interested me.  First, according to their […]
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