I’ve Got Your Back!

“I’ll pray for you!”  I sometimes make this promise more to assure a person of my concern than actually to pray.  Sometimes I forget in my busyness or sometimes I just forget.  I do not want to pretend to be a prayer warrior when I am not.  I do not think I am alone in […]

The Spiritual Battle and Prayer

To prepare for Village Missions’ celebration of sixty years at staff conferences, Lisa West has been digging through the archives.  She found the first issue of a publication called “Village Missionary,” the forerunner, I believe, of what became Tempo Magazine and now is Country Matters.  This first issue was dated January 1956, only eight years […]

Marking Time with Daniel

Daniel was a man who marked the passage of time.  As kings and even empires came and went, Daniel tracked the movement of the years.  According to the prophet Jeremiah, Jerusalem would experience seventy years of desolation.  Daniel waited and watched and when those seventy years neared an end, he prayed one of the most […]
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