Missions Conference at Pierceville Federated Church, Pierceville, Kansas

The greatest joy I have as Executive Director is traveling to one of our churches to meet the people, visit with our Village Missionaries, and see first-hand what God is doing.

Looking for Ordinary Pastors

Aaron Knapp, a student at Moody Bible Institute and a summer intern on our fields in Watersmeet and Bruce Crossing, MI, first made me aware of D.A. Carson’s book about his father, titled “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor.”  He provided a link to “Thoughts, Unleashed!”  Here are some of the quotes from the book on […]

Called to Be a Shepherd

Dr. Al Mohler has written an excellent blog titled “Has God Called You?  Discerning the Call to Preach.” I commend it to anyone who might be wondering whether God is calling you to be a pastor.  I would place more emphasis on the shepherding aspect of pastoral ministry (see my previous blog post), but overall Dr. […]

Grappling with Authority

Brian recounts his personal struggles with authority as a young man and his journey towards proper respect. He also addresses Village Missionaries and churches, challenging them to have proper respect for those they serve under.
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