CDI Is more than just a Bible Study

CDI: More Than A Bible Study

The people of the Community Church of Hokah found more than just a Bible study when they discovered the Contenders Discipleship Initiative. Together, they grew their faith in Jesus, learned about His Word, and built community together.
God's Plan for Ministry

God’s Plan for Ministry

Nathan Walters sensed God had something more for him, but didn’t know what it was. When he discovered God’s plan for ministry in his life, it made all the difference.
The legacy of CDI

The Legacy of Contenders Discipleship Initiative

As we celebrate 70 years of ministry in the United States and 50 years in Canada, we have focused a lot on the legacy of Village Missions. Through the work of Village Missionaries and country churches, the gospel has been heard by hundreds of thousands around the United States, Canada and the world. The Need […]
Steve Fournier never dreamed he would become a rural pastor.

Never in a Million Years: The Story of a Rural Pastor

Steve Fournier never would have considered serving as a rural pastor, but God used the Air Force to prepare him to be just that.
Jon Hansen's walk by the Columbia River was especially meaningful.

A Walk To the River (A Country Church Legacy)

A country church had a profound impact on one man. In turn, this man’s son went on to serve country churches.
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