What a pastor experiences

What a Pastor Experiences: Confusion, Comfort, Care and Worship!

You may wonder what a pastor experiences while serving. District Representative Mark Canady shares a personal story that tells of times of confusion, comfort, care, & worship.
Hillside BIble Church Fire

Hillside Bible Church Fire Ruins Building…But The Church Remains

By Mark Canady, District Representative, Western District The church building in Hillside, Oregon, was never going to last! Just days ago, the Hillside Bible Church fire destroyed the building. A Historic Building Don’t get me wrong! It was an amazing building, built through the hard labor of men and women in the early 1880’s and […]
Remember to Remember the Lord!

Remember to Remember the Lord

What do false teeth and Scriptures have in common? District Representative Mark Canady uses humor to tie it all together while he reminds us of the importance of remembering to remember the Lord.
Mark Canady shares first-hand knowledge of the neighborhood watch.

The Neighborhood Watch And Me

As a Village Missionary kid, Mark Canady remembers the neighborhood watch–and confesses to getting away with a crime! He shares with us experiences of living in a community where his neighbors were watching how he lived his life.

Small Churches Reach Out in Big Ways

District Representative Mark Canady explains why small churches have the ability to reach out in big ways.
Short-Handed: Life in the Body of Christ

Short-Handed: Life IN the Body of Christ

Mark Canady extends the story of Warren, a man adopted by Mark’s family. In this post Warren helps the church family learn about life in the body of Christ.

A Different Adoption

Mark Canady tells the story of Warren, a man adopted by his family.
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