Beneath the Oil Spill

The oil spill is one more witness to the moral collapse of our country. For those who favor increased government regulation and involvement, the government appears incapable of extricating itself from corruption and extreme inefficiency bordering on paralysis. For those who favor less government intrusion, companies appear more than willing to cheat, steal, and do whatever it takes to make a profit even if wholesale disaster follows in the wake.

The Wounded Missionary

Yet only couples with an eternal perspective, only couples who are ready to take up their cross, only couples who are consumed with the love of Christ last anyway, so they might as well be forewarned. Ministry in today’s world, whether at home or abroad, will not be easy.

David, Bathsheba, and Me

Recently, in my daily Bible reading, I read the account of David’s adultery with Bathsheba. Every pastor especially and every Christian should read this account often as a reminder of the danger of sexual sin and the consequences of yielding to its temptation. I would like to share in this article some observations on this […]
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