When Tragedy Came to Helix

When tragedy struck Helix, Pastor Max was there.

Heartbreaking Discovery in Helix

After knocking on his door with no response, I dismissed the kids and went home. Two hours later the school called me and said he still had not shown up. I’m very sad to tell you when I broke through his door I found he had shot himself.

If the Church Had Closed

What if the church had closed?Normally we do not look for churches that need our help.  We have a hard time filling the churches that find out about us on their own.  Some churches have waited a long time before receiving a missionary.  How I petition the Lord of the harvest for workers in the […]

Village Missions Gut Check

This gut check also causes me to examine whether I am fully convinced that God has more for Village Missions to do. The next years will be difficult years for us. As director, will I have the “courage, character, or determination” to do what needs to be done? It will be a “gut check” for all who say they believe in keeping country churches alive, requiring much more “courage, character, and determination” than in years past. It will require people to pray earnestly and give sacrificially.

Is Bigger Better When it Comes to a Church?

Brian Wechsler addresses the pervasive thinking that bigger is better when it comes to churches, and he shares how Village Missions is reaching out to small churches in need.
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