Mac's Story of Faith in Christ

Hear Mac’s Story of Faith in Christ

Many Village Missionaries had contact with Mac over the years, until finally he was ready to put his faith in Christ.
Rural Churches play a part in shaping and molding lives.

Rural Churches: Shaping & Molding Lives

Village Missionary wife Jani Carney shares how God used rural churches in her life, and how, years later, that impact continues.
This local church needed help

Local Church Is The Only Church in Town

Paskenta Flournoy Bible Church was losing hope. The church had no pastor, and the community had no other church. Then, someone remembered Village Missions.
A cowboy pastor meets his rural community where it is.

Cowboy Pastor: Love Is The Glue

Village Missionary Nathan Mudd finds that some of his “greatest preaching” is done in cowboy boots…and not always from the pulpit. As this cowboy pastor serves his rural community, he shows Christ’s love to them in the ways they understand best.
Reaching the Ends of the Earth: Country: The Power of a Country Church

Reaching the Ends of the Earth: The Far-Reaching Power of a Country Church

The youth group at Pine Valley Community Church worked in unusual circumstances and demonstrated the power of a country church to reach unremembered places.

The Poor Widow

We often receive wonderful notes in the office.  One such note made me think of the story of the poor widow in Luke 21:1-4.   Dear Brian, I’m writing to thank you for sending “Country Matters.”  I love the stories–you see, my little country church was closed for many years until Pastor Paul and Mary Lou […]

Gut Check: a test or assessment of courage, character, or determination-Part 2

Remarkable results have occurred over the sixty years that Village Missions has served the Lord. I can’t help but believe that God has gathered this small band of faithful men and women to continue to do remarkable and unexpected exploits in the spiritually darkening countries of the United States and Canada.

Village Missions’ Gut Check

This “gut check” also causes me to examine whether I am fully convinced that God has more for Village Missions to do. The next years will be difficult years for us. As director, will I have the “courage, character, or determination” to do what needs to be done? It will be a “gut check” for all who say they believe in keeping country churches alive, requiring much more “courage, character, and determination” than in years past. It will require people to pray earnestly and give sacrificially.

Learning from Willow Creek’s Self Revelation

 The Christian blogosphere is abuzz with reaction to Willow Creek’s revelation that spiritual growth in their church has been less than satisfactory.  Village Missionary Steve Hall originally directed my attention to a blog at “Out of Ur.”  Attendance at programs in the church did not translate into changed lives. Much of the reaction falls in […]

The Country Church and the Standstill Parade

Phil Rownd as Jesus in the Red Feather Lakes Parade

Keeping Navajo Churches Alive

This summer Village Missions began serving the Navajo Nation.  We accepted Albert and Katie Johnson as Village Missionaries and began providing salary support to them as they serve the Twin Mesa Bible Church. The Twin Mesa Bible Church is located near Kykotsmovi, AZ.  I tried to find the actual location of Twin Mesa on Google Earth, […]

Will You Be My Friend?

I have joined Facebook! My kids were shocked that I took such a radical step into their world. Caleb wrote on my wall (A wall, as I’m learning, is a place to post comments), “HAHA my dad is on facebook… 🙂 love ya tons.” Sarah wrote “Yeah! You are in! Love you tons! Gotta go, […]
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