Staff conference plays a vital part in caring for ministry wounds

Band-Aids for Pastors: Caring for Ministry Wounds

Our summer Staff Conferences play a vital role in caring for ministry wounds. Mark Canady shares his personal of conference & explains “two band-aid wounds”.
Village Missions is reaching diverse communities.

Reaching Diverse Communities for Christ

On each Village Missions field served by Richard & Ellen Hayes, Village Missionaries are reaching diverse communities for Christ. And just as each community is unique, so is the missionary who serves there. What binds it all together, though, is the desire to advance the gospel message.

Community in the Country Church

One of the most important aspects of church is community. In this bulletin insert, Village Missionaries Matt & Stephanie VanGordon discuss community in the country church.
Fellowship & "Cheers"

Fellowship & “Cheers”

We naturally seek connection with others–fellowship. And fellowship is something that churches of any size can do. How’s the fellowship in your church?
finding great joy

Finding Great Joy

Fred and Cinda Tribble hoped to enter the mission field someday, but found that door closed. Then God started putting challenging circumstances in their lives, and they began to wonder why.

Investing in Small Churches

Why does Village Missions continue to invest resources in small churches that may never grow any larger? Read the story of a church with no town to claim and find out why.

Making A Difference: New Village Missionaries at West Hoosick, NY

Why give to the Adopt A Church program? The story of JD & Katie Milton’s arrival in West Hoosick shows how new Village Missionaries are already making a difference in their community.
Reaching the Community of Manton, CA

Outside the Church Walls: Reaching the Community of Manton, CA

Paul & Robin Crabtree believe reaching the community plays a vital part inf their ministry in Manton, California. Learn how they became an integral part of their community!
Remembering the Rancho Tehama Shooting

One Year Later: Remembering the Rancho Tehama Shooting

One year ago, the Rancho Tehama Shooting devastated the community–and beyond. Now, we reflect on how Rancho Tehama Community Church was able to help the community begin the path to recovery.
Beyond the Church Walls: Community Outreach in Endicott, WA

Beyond the Church Walls: Community Outreach in Endicott, WA

Endicott Community Church exemplifies community outreach as it seeks to broaden their mission–serving beyond the church walls.
Why serve in rural ministry?

Why Serve in Rural Ministry?

You might wonder, “Why serve in rural ministry?” Why not Africa, or the city? District Representative Greg Petrie shares a story of how God is working through Village Missionary Charlie Hargrove in his community.
Importance of Staff Conference

The Importance of Staff Conference

As summer approaches, we’re looking at our Staff Conferences–why they are important and how they make a difference.
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