Summer Internship

Job Description

Village Missions offers a Summer Intern Program, which is a short-term commitment of usually 2-3 months allowing you to take a summer and see what rural ministry in the country church is all about. This opportunity enables Bible school students and others to find God’s specific direction for their life and to find out if rural ministry is right for them. Through this summer program you will be exposed to the unique setting of rural or small town missions.

Through the summer internship program, you will be working with a veteran Village Missionary. You will glean from his years of experience on the field and behind the pulpit, gaining a lasting mentor and friend for years to come.

By the end of the internship, you will have a working knowledge of what is involved in rural ministry, as well as a better knowledge of whether the Lord is directing you toward rural ministry.

The summer internship was defining moment learning where God was leading me. When I started the internship, I wasn’t sure if Village Missions was a good fit. The internship taught me what it’s like to be a Village Missionary on a daily basis, and the biggest help was learning to be available for people when they needed you. After my internship was over, my reservations that I had about rural ministry were put to rest and I knew this is what God was calling me to do.Village Missionary Mike Dinkel
Summer Internship


As a summer Intern, you will experience many facets of rural ministry with Village Missions. You may be called up to help or lead Camp, VBS, Bible studies, Sunday school teaching, preaching or other summertime activities that God may use to guide your future plans. You may also find opportunities to get involved in the local community through soup kitchens, kids sports or other community celebrations.

This mixture of responsibilities will help give an understanding of the dual work Village Missionaries have in both preaching the Word and loving the community at large.

Why Become a Summer Intern?

Summer internships are best for men or couples in college or recently graduated who are considering ministry or simply discerning God’s will for their life, but want a short-term opportunity to learn more about rural ministry in a hands-on internship setting.

This internship can also be adapted to fulfill college credit for Bible college students.

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