STEER Program

Are you a farmer or rancher that cares about reaching rural America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

While God may not be calling you to the mission field, He is using farmers and ranchers just like you to help missionaries reach the forgotten people of rural North America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The best part?

You can do this without leaving your home and at no cost to you!

The STEER Program allows you to give generously to the work of Village Missions without requiring any cash donations. 

Here’s how it works

(Cow/Calf Program)

  1. STEER will purchase a young cow for you, and it becomes property of STEER
  2. You care for the cow and raise it with your herd
  3. When the cow’s calf goes to market, you send the money to STEER
  4. STEER sends profits to Village Missions
  5. Village Missions uses those funds to keep country churches alive across North America!

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Steer Programs and Projects

There are many different options available to best fit your operation. These include:

  • Cow/Calf Program
    • There’s no need to write a check or send a cash donation. Your only responsibility is to donate your feed and care for the cow and her calf.

  • Feeder Project
    • A short-term feeder project is a great way to utilize extra pasture, hay or feed grain that you might have available. These projects are usually completed in less than 12 months. When the livestock is sold, the gain is the amount remaining after the original investment is deducted.
  • God’s Acres
    • If you don’t want to raise livestock, the God’s Acres program is a great way to utilize your land and equipment for missions. 
  • Dairy Cow
  • Other Project



“I don’t know if we could have stayed in ministry this long had it not been for STEER.”

– Tim & Fern Wyrick | Springview, NE







“Many of our partners from the very beginning have supported us through STEER. This program allows them to be involved in our ministry and provides us with consistent financial support.”

– Sean & Jani Carney | Four Lakes, WA

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