McNeill, Makenzie

Staff Writer/Stewardship Assistant

Makenzie was raised in a small town in southeast Texas, close to the Louisiana border. Although she grew up attending church, she did not begin to fully contemplate the Christian faith until many years later.

Determined to pursue truth wherever it led her, Makenzie ventured out to see if Christianity was indeed the one true faith among the sea of others. After a long, exhaustive search studying the core tenants of other religions, she concluded that none of them provided coherent explanations for the big questions of life. She then turned to study the historical facts of Christianity.

She quickly realized that the best explanation by far for the bizarre events that transpired after Jesus’ crucifixion is that Jesus actually was alive again after his death.

No other explanation that has been offered for 2,000 years has adequately answered these questions.

The reliability of the New Testament, the disciples’ determination to proclaim Jesus’ resurrection to their bloody deaths, and other historical facts – along with the gentle guiding of the Holy Spirit – finally allowed Makenzie to believe that faith in Jesus is, indeed, well-placed.

She believes that God has used her studies of other religions to better understand how she can share her faith with people from those worldviews.

Makenzie met her husband, Duncan, while they both were attending Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. They have been happily married since May 2016. In the summer of 2018, they began to feel that their time in Texas was drawing to a close. Sensing that God was leading them to begin a new chapter, Makenzie began to search for job opportunities outside of Texas.

Early in August 2018, Makenzie stumbled upon the Staff Writer position with Village Missions. Having never heard of Village Missions before, she curiously scanned through the VM website in the hunt for more information.

She was also quite confused. Having grown up in a small town that had 20 churches, she supposed that all rural communities across the U.S. were just like that. Surely those were the most evangelized places in the entire country and no ministry efforts were needed, she assumed. With her curiosity piqued, misconceptions challenged, and a “hunch,” Makenzie applied for the position.

Just 2 months later, the McNeills packed their belongings and made the trek all the way to the Pacific Northwest – Village Missions had gained a new staff member!

Prior to coming on staff, Makenzie never knew about the need for ministry in rural America. Now, she feels honored to be a part of a mission field that is working in the unremembered places of our land.

You can follow her story in her monthly blogs, Makenzie’s Ramblings.

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