Springview, NE

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Date: November 24, 2009
Courts-S We are praising God as we just celebrated our 11th year here in Springview and 11 years as Village Missionaries! I also want to correct something I wrote in an earlier “Stories from the Field.”  I (Mary) did not listen closely to Sam’s story and reported it incorrectly: The following is taken from a book of Sermon Illustrations quoted directly from John Plaudman’s Talks (New York: Sheldon & Company) p. 160-161 regarding Charles Haddon Spurgeon:   “January 6, 1850, was bitterly cold in Colchester, England, a hard-biting blizzard keeping most worshipers at home. At the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Artillery Street only about a dozen showed up. When it became apparent that even the pastor would not arrive, an unlettered man rose and spoke haltingly from Isaiah 45:22, then the crowd dispersed, thinking the day’s service a loss – not realizing that a fifteen-year-old boy had ducked into the room to escape the snowstorm, and, hearing the sermon, had been converted. Years later that boy, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, wrote, ‘Don’t hold back because you cannot preach in St. Paul’s; be content to talk to one or two in a cottage…Do what you do right thoroughly, pray over it heartily, and leave the result to God.’”   I know the principle illustrated doesn’t change in the telling of the story, but it is important to be accurate and so I apologize, and am grateful to tell the story accurately and completely. Sam & Mary Courts   Pray that our Village Missionaries might be encouraged by the above illustration.  Pray that they “do right thoroughly, pray over it heartily, and leave the result to God.”
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