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Summary of Responsibilities

As a small town pastor, the applicant will do his best to become a part of the town in which he lives. He will get to know his neighbors, find ways to get involved with the school or serve as a volunteer in another capacity. The applicant’s primary responsibility is to his church and family, but it is expected that he be invigorated by integrating into the local small town. 

Becoming a part of the community plays a massive role in the pastor’s effectiveness in ministry. Becoming an active town member (rather than just someone who happens to live in that town) builds trust with both church members and unchurched community members. Integrating into the community also helps the local pastor (and his family) quickly develop a deep love for the town and its people. When a pastor loves the place he lives and the people who live near him, he will visit his neighbors more often, spend more time with them and care more deeply about the physical, emotional and spiritual struggles they face. This is vital to shepherding and evangelism. 

The ways in which a pastor gets involved will vary from town to town, but a few examples are listed below. 

Examples of Small Town Opportunities 

  • Substitute teaching at the local school
  • Coaching a sports team
  • Playing with a local softball team
  • Acting in a local theater production
  • Volunteering with the fire department
  • Having breakfast every Tuesday at the local cafe

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* The small towns Village Missions serves are generally less than 2,000 people.

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