Are you called to be a small town pastor?

Do you have a heart for reaching people in small towns? Do you enjoy meeting at a local coffee shop, cheering on the high school sports team and getting involved at the local school?

Village Missions might be the perfect fit for you.

Small town pastors serving with Village Missions can impact their town in unique ways. While you will serve the traditional role of pastor in Bible studies, preaching and teaching, you will also strive to become an active citizen of your town. Small town pastors befriend their neighbors, volunteer at school or fire department, or coach a local sports team. This allows you to reach people where they feel most comfortable.

People in small towns are very proud of the place they grew up, and many families have lived there for generations. So, you can see how becoming an active town member (rather than just someone who happens to live in that town) can play a huge role in the effectiveness of your ministry. A small town pastor needs to build trust with townspeople, and he needs to show them he cares about the town and he loves the people.

Not only that, when a pastor begins to love the town he lives in and the people who live there, he will visit his neighbors more often, spend more time with them and care more deeply about the physical, emotional and spiritual struggles they face. This is vital to shepherding and evangelism. 

The ways in which a pastor gets involved will vary from town to town, but a few examples are listed below. 

Examples of Small Town Opportunities 

  • Substitute teaching at the local school
  • Coaching a sports team
  • Playing with a local softball team
  • Acting in a local theater production
  • Volunteering with the fire department
  • Having breakfast every Tuesday at the local cafe

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* The small towns Village Missions serves are generally less than 2,000 people.

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