Seth & Julie Finch, Falmouth, MI

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: January 28, 2014
finchAt youth group we started a new study called Where was God when . . .? put out by Word of Life Bible Institute. It’s geared towards those who are struggling with the question, “Why would God allow what He has allowed in my life?” I chose this because of the deep issues going on in the youth group with teens that come from rough homes and suicidal backgrounds. We’re using the DVD teachings, along with a workbook we put together with a lot of scripture and questions. The study focuses on the attributes of God, and every other week we introduce another one. At the end of Session One, the look on the teens’ faces told me we had hit home! We just pray that it would help the teens to not focus on the why, but the Who. We are also praying that these teens would come to know Christ.
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