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Do you have a heart for rural North America? Do you have a desire to see country churches thrive? Are you willing to preach the Word and love the people wherever you are?

That’s what Village Missions is all about!

Since 1948, Village Missions has been keeping country churches alive in North America. 

By serving with Village Missions, you will be joining an organization dedicated to keeping country churches alive.  We recruit, equip and send missionary pastors to small and rural communities across North America. Through all of their ministry, we support them through the ministry of District Representatives and summer conferences. 

As a Village Missionary, you will be an integral part of revitalizing a country church and sharing the gospel with the community at large. You will preach and teach the Word, as well as build relationships with families in your community. Many of our Village Missionaries and interns serve in community roles such as teaching, coaching or volunteer firefighting, or other civic and community activities.

While many come to know Christ in church, Village Missionaries often find their most successful witnessing around a dinner table, at the local café or in the barn. Those who serve with Village Missions are excited to invest in the lives of rural and small town people, meeting them where they live.

Are you ready to begin the challenge of your life?

Join us in serving small-town America today by learning more about serving as a missionary in one of the most challenging and rewarding missionary opportunities in rural North America.

 Village Missionary Noble Weeks (Former Sheriff's Deputy) Watch full video.


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