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As a Village Missionary, you have the opportunity to serve with purpose.

Each day, you have the chance to invest in eternity, as you share the love of Jesus through your words and actions. You get to be a part of a grand story and see lives radically changed by the gospel.

Village Missionaries have a unique ministry. It’s not a desk job or simple pulpit supply. Our motto is “Preach the Word and Love the People.” That means you have the unique opportunity to build personal, one-on-one relationships with the people in your church and community. You will preach and teach the Bible in formal church settings, but you also get to use your gifts, talents and passions to engage with the local community.

For example, many Village Missionaries also volunteer as teachers, coaches or musicians. Others help out as ranch hands or firefighters. 

You will face many challenges, but the eternal rewards you will reap make the journey worthwhile. Learn more about the various ways you can serve with Village Missions by clicking on one of the links to the right.

Serve God in Rural North America

In our American culture, we don’t think a lot about the smaller towns and even some people despise them as those places you have to go around, but you never go to. But we know that Jesus went to Samaria. He loved the people in a town that other people tried to avoid. God cares just as much for rural places as he does for anywhere else. Nathan Mudd, Village Missionary serving in Interior, South Dakota
Village Missionary Noble Weeks (Former Sheriff's Deputy)
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