Sept 20: Mike & Sara MacWhinnie, Moxie, PA

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: September 22, 2015

MacWhinnie-Mike-Sarah-SquareWe have a young man who came to Christ this year after an accident in which he was charged with killing his friend. He is now in jail for two to five years. Please pray for him as he lives out his new life in Christ behind bars. Our church grew in a very fast manner and is now tapering a little. Please pray for wisdom as we adjust to new situations that have come up as a result of the sudden growth. Our family could use prayer for decisions and finances. Pray for our kids in Christian School and Homeschool. Pray for the families of Moxie as many have physical ailments and problems with cancer. Thanks for all that God is doing and has done and will do. Many people need to use their gifts and talents for the glory of God. Thanks for your prayers.

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