Second Career in Ministry

The Apostle Peter was a full-time fisherman before he began ministry. Paul was a tent-maker, and Matthew was a tax collector. God used each of these men’s second careers to change the world around them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Is God calling you to a second career in ministry?

Serving in rural ministry with Village Missions could be perfect for you!

We have welcomed many second-career missionaries over the years. These include former

  • United States military
  • Law enforcement
  • Overseas missionaries
  • Career professionals

While each of these men had successful careers, each felt the call to go to the mission field of small-town and rural America. They had a desire to reach these overlooked communities with the transforming message of Jesus Christ.

A second career in ministry with Village Missions gives you the opportunity to do the same!

As a Village Missionary, you will have the amazing opportunity to be a pastor to a small country church and a missionary to the local, rural community.

Many of our second career Village Missionaries are able to use their former experiences to enhance their ministry in rural America by helping local farmers, teaching or coaching, serving on the volunteer fire department or writing for the local paper.

As a country pastor, you are able to invest in people’s lives through preaching, teaching and visitation. Many of our Village Missionaries are known as the “community pastor,” even to those who don’t attend church.

Rural America truly is an incredibly exciting mission field.

Interested in a second career in ministry? Learn more about serving with Village Missions or contact us to begin the application process.



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