Samuel and Mary Courts, Deer Trail, CO

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: September 22, 2015
Courts-Sam-Mary-SquareThe following story is not directly related to our ministry here, but I think is applicable to what we all do on our fields: I (Mary) recently established contact via Facebook with a wonderful friend from Jr. High/High School days. Evelyn and I both played the piano and sang and had much in common. Evelyn was brought up by her single mom and had no church or religious background. This past Sunday she sent me this message: “Hi Dear friend! I thought of you during the sermon today! Our pastor is preaching through the book of John. We were in John 1:48-51. This passage tells us the story of how Jesus called. What spoke to me most was when our pastor pointed out that Phillip invited his friend, Nathaniel, to come see Jesus. This reminded me of you, my friend, and how you were faithful to Jesus and invited me to church back in 1967! I will never forget that day when I was led to the Lord by Gail Davis. Thank you, my friend, for inviting me to “see” Jesus.” I didn’t even really remember that I was the one who had invited my friend to church. She came to know Christ, went on to Bible College, and married a pastor and has led many to Christ herself, as well as raised several God-fearing and honoring children. And…she led her elderly mother to the Lord many years after high school. So….just a simple invitation to come “see” Jesus at church (or in your home, or at a Bible study, or over coffee) can reap great fruit! What a blessing it was to be reminded of this truth and to rejoice with my dear friend over how God has worked!
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