Ron & Lynette Larsen, Atlanta, MI

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: October 10, 2018

Atlanta is a community of about 800 people, surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. The economy in this area has struggled immensely, resulting in low-income households, broken families, and a rise in cult involvement and drug use. 

PRAYER: Young people especially need prayer, but we’re thankful that some are coming to fellowship. May God open opportunities for us to connect well with their parents, who are also in need of salvation. The grandparents in the community have been disconnected from church for decades, so pray for opportunities to minister to them, as well. Please also pray for the Lord to cleanse Atlanta of cults and drug use and may hearts turn to Jesus. We also need prayer for our vehicles, as each are in need of repairs. Please pray for strength and faithfulness as God uses us ‘broken vessels’ for His Kingdom here in Atlanta, MI.

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