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Date: December 20, 2011
Every December we organize a family caroling night at the church. We first meet for a chili and cornbread dinner around the fireplace and then head out in one large group down our street and carol door-to-door. This year some last-minute schedule conflicts bounced the date around until we finally settled on an evening that, as weather reports came in, looked too cold and wet. It looked more and more like a cancel. Yet a significant group of our young people persisted, “We’ll do it – no rain will stop us!” As we gathered to eat that night, the rain came in buckets, but the teens were committed, donning extra jackets, mittens, and rain boots. As a big group of us began our slushy trek down the church driveway, suddenly the rain came to a complete stop, and the air was noticeably warmer. With renewed energy, we visited more homes than any other year. Most people were home, and seemed to genuinely enjoy our simply sung message of the true Christmas. We handed out gift bags filled with goodies, and a little book explaining why Jesus came. Many people came out of their doorways and wanted to visit. One man continued talking to us, and even followed us back out onto the street. As we made our way back to the church to end the evening with dessert, the rain suddenly started right where it had earlier ended. God is so good!! The next morning as I walked down to the street to get the newspaper, one of the couples we had visited with was walking their dog, and stopped right in front of me, “How’d it go the rest of the night?” they asked. As I told them about the rain-on, rain-off timing, they burst out, “Oh, my!” and then stuttered, “It was God. God did it,” looking at each other, amazed. We talked more, and I pray that they, as well as so many others God allowed us to have contact with, will soon see their need for the Savior of Christmas!!     Steve and Lisa Rief Please pray for our missionaries as they share the true meaning of Christmas!
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