Reach 19, powered by Village Missions

You can reach children in rural and small-town America with the Gospel of Christ by supplying the local congregations with resources to meet kids’ physical and spiritual needs.

Through Reach 19, did you know you can reach impoverished children without crossing an ocean? Did you know there are orphans living just down the road? It’s true!

There are 14 million children living in rural and small-town America. That’s 19% of the kids in this country. More than 3 million of those children live in poverty, many suffer from abusive or drug-addicted families and others are tossed in foster care. These are forgotten people in neglected communities.


Children of God

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus says, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Every child deserves to know the love and hope of Jesus!

Miriam’s Story

Miriam’s family does not have a car. Whether it is sunny, raining or snowing–young Miriam has to walk. When summer came around, Miriam was invited to a Vacation Bible School at the local country church. So, like every other day, she put on her shoes, opened the door and began walking to the little church. This would prove to be the most significant walk of her life, because it was at this VBS that Miriam gave her life to Jesus Christ!

Physical and Spirituals Needs

At Reach 19, we are committed to reaching the 19% of children who are so often overlooked by society. We do this by providing rural churches with the necessary resources (including small town pastors) so that they can effectively meet the needs of the children.

As a project of Village Missions, Reach 19 is also committed to reaching rural kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each of the local congregations we reach are already equipped with our own small town pastor, who is dedicated to mentoring and discipling kids. In fact, many of our small towns pastors (Village Missionaries) are teachers and coaches who invest in the lives of the children every day!

Statistics show that more than 85-90% of those who receive Christ will do so by the age of 19. That’s why we are committed to reaching children with the Gospel while they are still young. However, many of these country churches do not have the financial ability to effectively reach these kids through programs.

That is why we provide:

  • VBS Kits
  • Bibles
  • AWANA books
  • Sunday School materials
  • And much more!
Reach 19 powered by Village Missions

Since we are a project of Village Missions, these same small town pastors and country churches are also investing in the parents and guardians of these children.

Sponsoring a Reach 19 Project

While we are committed to reach the next generation, we simply cannot do it by ourselves. We need YOU to partner with us. For just $19, you can invest in the life of a child today! For $190, you can sponsor an entire Reach 19 project, like VBS! Will you stand in the gap and ensure that rural kids know the love of Jesus?

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